Reading has been a passion of mine since the letters first formed words in my head. Today people take away children’s tablets and phones as punishment, but back in the day my parents knew the worst punishment in the world for me was to take away my library card.

My bike drove on autopilot to the library. I went there almost every single day during the summer, and the librarian had to speak to my Mother when she noticed I was reading “The Color Purple” at age ten. I simply had run out of books appropriate for my age and was working my way through Alice Walker, Steven King, Jackie Collins, and a bunch of Harlequin romance novels from my grandma’s stash.

They worked together to find me more age appropriate books, and I’ve never stopped reading. I can’t go to sleep at night without it, and even though I love a good Netflix binge every now and then nothing can replace my love of books.

I spent the 90’s clomping around in my doc martins and writing a column for a local music magazine. I was also their webmaster, and designed websites for Chicagoland bands. During the day I worked my butt off on an assembly line, and went to college at night.

Graduating in 2003 I moved on to a less physically demanding job, and wrote here and there. It wasn’t until a succession of deaths in my life (grandparents, parents, pets) caused me to gain a lot of weight that I started writing again in earnest, creating the My 30 Point Life blog.

After losing over 65 pounds and keeping it off, I felt like I could do anything. The time seemed right to start writing my own book, and the town of Snow Valley, home of The Snow Globe Cafe, was born.

I hope my stories entertain you as much as authors have entertained me over the years.